Dream with Intention



Happy Monday!
Motivational Monday

Dream with Intention

Dream ‘BIG” with every intention of pursuing your dream. Because, only then does it turn into a goal to set!

James 2:14-26 states Faith without works is dead!

It’s super important to

1- Dream HUGE!!!!!!

2- Believe in your dream

3- Pursue your dream with every intention of it manifesting

4- Create opportunities for yourself!

People always say that children ‘have such a big imagination’, as if adults do not. The fact is that you never lose your ability to imagine, only your ability to believe the ‘impossible’. When you are a child you can believe that going to the moon, becoming President of the USA is possible,and basically anything else that only a few of us reach children believe are possible. As an adult you become aware of everything required to accomplish such a thing and how small your chances are of reaching those specific goals.

But here’s the real question: Has anyone ever gone to the moon? Yes, people have!

You can be different! You can be one of the few that actually pursue your dreams with every intention of attaining them. Whether it’s becoming the president of the USA or starting your own business, your biggest limitation starts with you. If you’re not deliberately living your life, you are just handing the keys over to someone else.

Stop letting life happen to you…Make it happen!

God Bless!
“Awesome is as awesome does”
Erika Lantigua



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