Conformity is not your friend!

Conformity is not your friend! Conformity Is defined as the behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards Most of use like to see ourselves as “independent thinkers” as ” intellectuals” as “Individuals” Yet research in Social Psychology reveals we are greatly influenced by the presence of others. This can be good if are surrounded by people who motivate us and inspire us to be better. It can be bad if we are following a crowd that is leading us nowhere. Which in most groups it is the case. It’s imperative we have a clear destination and proper guidance. If not we are like an abandoned ship in the harbor. What do I mean by this? All I mean is that we would be a vessel with purpose that isn’t being fulfilled. So set clear and concise goals for yourself then find ways to meet those goals. The real key to success is setting goals and meeting them. Once you put that plan in motion to meet your goal, it will be met. Be persistent and consistent. God Bless! “Awesome is as Awesome does.” -Erika A. Lantigua

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