Guard Your Heart

Guard your heart

One of the best ways to grow spiritually and as an individual is to guard your heart. This doesn’t mean put up walls ,harden your heart and become anti-social. It simply means take care of it. Ways to guard your heart

1- Don’t allow just anyone into your temple. Your temple consists of three things your Body, mind and your direct environment. Who are you inviting in? Do these people have to clean up or is your temple come as you are? Simply put make sure people wipe their feet prior to walking through your temple.

2- Stop trying to be everyone’s hero. It’s really good to help people, it says a lot about your character. But there is a fine line between helping others and being taken advantage of. You can’t help everyone. Especially those who claim to know everything. So learn to say no and limit your help to those who want and need it.

3- Refuse to be a Host A friendly ear is wonderful thing to friend in need, but remember you are giving that person your energy. A parasite needs a host to survive and when you allow negative energy into your experience it magnifies. So watch that!

4- Be Aware You are not a victim, stop giving people power over you. Every person and situation that is placed in our path to test us and build character. So own it, your feelings and self -worth are 100% your responsibility!

5- Rest your mind and breathe in life You can do this by praying, meditating and walking in confidence. Always keep your head high and don’t allow others to make you feel inferior.

6- Create a good life Place yourself in situations that make you feel good and boost your energy level. Only do things that bring joy into your life. Remember protecting yourself against other people’s negative energy starts with self-love. Love yourself enough to tune them out.

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