Killing the Me-Me Monster


Motivational Monday
“Killing the Me-Me Monster”
On the whole we are all narcissistic by nature. However,there is a certain degree of self-love that is healthy.
We need to start taking notice of how our behavior impacts others. We send so much time focusing on what is done to us and not notice how we are affecting other people.
By doing this we develop this habitual behavior that in the long run hurts us. It hurts us because it affects our personal growth.
Consider this:
How do others respond to you?
Are they easily hurt by the things you say?
Pay attention at how you interact with others. Look for patterns your behavior.
It’s possible that, instead of everyone you know being overly sensitive – you may just be putting others down to elevate yourself.
Be more flexible with your response toward others.
God Bless,
Have an awesome week
Erika Lantigua

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